Bangkok Public Transportation


Safe, comfortable, quick, reliable and convenient best sums up Bangkok’s mass transit systems. Most of the city’s attractions are easily reached by one of the following, the list below are the closest to the hotel:

Nana BTS SkyTrain (Nearest Station)
Literally at your doorstep. Exit via the café and escalators to the station just before you (Click here for BTS Map)

Ticket Types
Single Journey

  • Ticket is valid for a single journey and fare depends upon chosen destination – starting at THB 15 and up to THB 40 per journey.
  • Ticket can be purchased from vending machines located at the station

Special One Day Pass

  • Valid for travel by one person only, unlimited for one day
  • Valid for use on day of purchase only, regardless of distance travelled and time purchased THB 120 per pass , non-refundable
  • Purchased from BTS Station Ticket Office

BTS Sky Smart Pass

  • THB100 (excluding THB 30 issuing fee for a new Smart pass)
  • Refill up to THB 2,000 (minimum THB 100)
  • 5 year lifetime from date of 1st issue.
  • Purchased from BTS Station Ticket Office

Sukhumvit MRT Metro (Nearest Station)
From the Nana BTS Skytrain, a one stop to Asok interachange station to the Sukhumvit MRT line. Bangkok’s 18-station subway line stretches 20 kms from Hualamphong to Bang Sue. Operating hors are from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight, with a frequency of less than 5 minutes during peak hours (6.00 am to 9.00 pm / 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm) and less than 10 minutes during off peak hours. (Click here for MRT Map)

Ticket Types
Single Journey Token

  • Valid for single journey
  • Adult price from THB 16 to THB 41 / Child (not more than 14 years or 120cm tall) or Elder (65 years & above) from THB 8 to THB 21, distance based fare

Mulitple Journey Smartcard

  • Valid for multiple journeys
  • Issued at Ticket Office with an issuing fee of THB 30
  • For Adult, Student and Child/Elder, Initial Value of Baht 200 (Travel value of THB 150 and Deposit of THB 50)

Metered air-con taxis are available around-the-clock. The flag fall is THB 35 (for the first 2kms) and the fare climbs in THB 2 increments. Tipping is not required but rounding up is common. For trips to/from the airport, expressway toll fees will be borne by the passenger.
Word of caution: Check with the driver that he intends on using the metre before getting in, and ensure it is switched on once seated.

Locally known as the ‘samlor’ or otherwise your three-wheeled taxis. Bargain before hopping on board and beware offers at unbelievably low prices, it is a set up to lure you to overpriced souvenir or jewellery shops. The approximate cost for a short 10 minute ride is around THB 40 – 100.

Extensive and inexpensive public bus service with prices ranging from THB 8 to THB 30 depending on the type of bus. However, as destinations are given only in Thai, it is best you get a bus route map (available at most hotels, TAT offices and bookshops).